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Guy Kawasaki : The Art of Laying People Off

I hope I will not need to use those tips, but it is a really nice read from Guy Kawasaki : OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN | The Art of Laying People Off.

Update :

Looks like I might have scared some people with this post. I had no intention to do so.

Let me tell you a bit more…..

I like the post not because we are going to lay people off, but because it talks about taking responsibility for your actions as a business director and some other concepts that are very important for me. Unfortunately I do not have time to explain how I apply all those tips, but let’s look at one :

Don’t let people self-select (#10 on the list)

I think this tip does not only apply to lay offs. It also applies to what position you want an employee to fill, where you think he fits. Do not let the employee go where he thinks he fits, bring him where you feel he will be the best. Sure this has to be done while respecting the interests and the objectives of the employee, but as the tip #10 says, don’t let people self-select, put them where you need them.

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