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Web Hosting going Crazy

While there is no human talent available, iWeb needs to hire sysadmins, customer service representatives, web developpers, a customer experience director, a new communications officer and more. At the same time our biggest competitor, The Planet, lives through an explosion at its H1 datacenter and Layeredtech, another big competitor causes a commotion (and a 600+ posts forum thread) after its decision to raise its server pricing of about 20-30$ per server for every customers. It is interesting to see that it’s easier for customers to accept 2 days of downtime, then a price increase. Thank you Layeredtech, we never expected you would gift us customers like that. Good luck The Planet (and congrats for the communications you kept with your customers). There are a lot of things going on in the web hosting space and we would like to be able to catch all the opportunities. The real challenge is not to get the customers, it’s to get the human talent to serve them well.

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