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Limelight IPO and the End of Arbitrage

Is Vonage Dead?

Verizon’s patent could destroy the 2.2 Million subcribers company :  Vonage sees no workaround to Verizon’s VoIP patent - Download Squad

Google to buy DoubleClick for $3.1 billion

SEOmoz | Google Search Engine Ranking Factors

Great reading for people interested in Search Engine Optimization. SEOMoz just released V2 of their Search Engine Ranking Factors analysis. Read it here : SEOmoz | Google Search Engine Ranking Factors Down Because of $99 XBOX Deal

I saw this on Newsvine - Causes Their Own Denial of Service Attack.  They definitly did not think it would be so popular ! If I had known, I would have tried to buy one.

Will Google Aquire YouTube?

I am really bad with predictions, but I would say it won’t happen. I thought it wouldn’t happen when it was rumored Google would acquire Opera .. I feel the same with this one but when I read the Shoemoney has a lead that Google would have made a final 2.1 Billion offer for You Tube I feel it might be serious, he is often right! Good or bad move for Google? Definitly a move I won’t understand if it happens. And if it doesn’t happen, I guess the rumor or the numbers we hear are not true because when you are offered 2.1 Billion for something that does not yet make significative revenues and that has a revenue potential of only (?!) 150 Millions per year , selling for 2.1 Billion looks like kind of a good idea.

The product definitly has future (I was reading on someone’s blog today telling that his four kids liked to watch videos on You Tube better than on MTV … sorry I do not remember what blog it was). But is it worth 2.1 Billions?

Hostingcon 2006

I will be in Las Vegas this week for Hostingcon 2006 and will be posting details about the event on and probably here. If by any chance some of you will be there, let us know.

AOL Wants to Be Free

Ok, it’s old news, but some of you may not know yet and I think it’s interesting. AOL wants to bring its services available to the masses for free. Read more here :  Motley Fool Business News: AOL Wants to Be Free - MSN Money

Software Usability : Optimal Web Design

It’s dated March 2003 but I found a LOT of interesting concepts clearly presented in the Criteria For Optimal Web Design report from the Software Usability Reseach Laboratory. I think most of the concepts the document talks about still apply today.

Selling Online, Not As Easy As It Looks.

Well, it looks like I have a lot to write about today ! Once again, if you are selling online or planning to sell something online, this WSJ article will surely be interesting for you. Sniffing Out Crooks Can Mean Survival Online outlines the difficulties with credit card fraud online retailers can face. The article talks about the specific case of an online jewelry store that had to deal with orders with stolen credit card and even complete identity thiefs.

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