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RAID Explained with Bottles of Water

Great post from Olivier on iWeb’s blog. If you do not understand what a RAID array is, bottles of water might help.

Am I blogging right? And Habs are out !

Damn it ! The Habs lost ….

I am not a Carey Price fan and his latest games are nothing to make me a fan. I never understood the press about Price while we had Huet that was doing a good job. Why did Montreal finished first on the division ranking? Because Huet and Price were the same, they were good half of the time and bad the other half so when you mix them together you had a good goaltender almost all the time because when Price was bad he was replaced by Huet and the same for Huet. I liked Huet a lot better because of what he accomplished in Montreal. They should have sent Koivu to Washington … anyway now they lost. We’ll talk about hockey again in September.

That’s not why I wanted to post.

I had a management meeting this week and Eric my partner was thinking about blogging because people always ask him if he has a blog. He doesn’t. His blog would be at which currently redirects to our web site. Eric thought he should have a blog but said he would be able to post something maybe once a week. Everyone at the meeting told him he shouldn’t blog if he could not post at least daily. They also turned at me and told me that I really was on the limit, ok I admit I am not really a good blogger.

I have tons of things to talk about but I never have time to post although you are at least 32 to follow my blog daily according to feedburner. I frequently forward interesting stuff I read to my staff but I do not always take the time to post it on the blog, maybe I should.

By the way, we are just opening a new executive position, good salary and the person will be working directly for me. I can’t give me details now but if you are interested email me !

That was me blogging on a saturday night … nothing really interesting to say, but I guess it’s better than not posting ! Have a good night thinking about the Montreal Canadians loosing 4-1 to the Flyers. Brière must be happy he went with the Flyers now.

Business model …. Google policy change effects.

Is your business model dependant of a third party?

A record $160-million VC investment. A rich Web strategy. A quirky founder. For a few weeks last spring, Guelph, Ont.’s Geosign had it all. Then mighty Google stirred. And it was over.

You must read this story about arbitrage and effects of Google policy changes from the Financial Times : Cover story: Blown away. What once was an easy way to make money (you still needed to invest a lot of time to make it work) is now gone. Will other businesses that were relying on arbitrage be able to change their business model and survive?

Manage your Time with Rescue Time

I discovered Rescue Time last week … and I think I will like it a lot. I just started and it is really nice to track what you actually do while in front of your computer !

New Zoho : Zoho People

This new service by Zoho looks really interesting as an instant team management solution : Zoho People - HR solution on demand

Outlook Express Replacement - Windows Live Mail

Looks like there is a new version of Outlook Express email desktop client (or a replacement?) that Microsoft named Windows Live Mail. A nice feature seems to be the possibility to unify your email experience and manage your yahoo, hotmail or gmail accounts with the desktop client. You Windows users out there can try it and tell me what it’s worth.

Laptop Nightmares

  • 10 reasons why IT hates laptops

  • Google en chiffres, Google à Mirabel et Google’s new DC.

    Now 100% Mac Converted … and Apple fan / Maintenant 100% Converti et Apple Fan

    I was just thinking about what I posted in my early Windows to Mac switching days … thinking back about this post and this other post. I was also talking with Jérôme at work yesterday and having a hard time remembering if I had my Macbook since 6 months or 1 year and a half! Looking at my posts, I switched to Mac since 1 year and a half ! What? 1 year and a half already … wow … time passes by so fast. Well, one year and a half after my first steps in the Mac World I can say I have now been 100% converted. Today I can say I am a TOTAL APPLE FAN, I love OSX, I love my iPhone (don’t tell anyone, it’s unlocked), my iPod and I love the products Apple produces. Design has always been something important in my life and design is a lot of what Apple is about. Now the only thing left is for Apple to change the name of their web site building tool ! What are you waiting for? It’s time to switch, you’re late !

    Bon .. une petite version en français, je m’excuse d’écrire plus souvent en anglais ce n’est pas que je n’aime pas ma langue maternelle, bien au contraire, mais bon ma vie en ligne est plutôt en anglais qu’en français et je ne sais pas pourquoi mais il me semble que j’ai plus de facilité a écrire en anglais. Mon français ne doit pas être assez évolué! Ceci dit, ne vous trompez pas sur moi, j’ai plutôt tendance a voter bleu que rouge …. bon ou suis-je rendu, je divague! Mon article en anglais était pour faire un petit retour sur ma transition de Windows a MAC et pour vous dire que je suis maintenant 100% converti. Je suis un Apple Fan. Je ne retournerais pas sous Windows. J’ai pourtant longtemps juré que par Windows, utiliser un Mac a longtemps été pour les gens qui ne savaient pas utiliser un ordinateur dans ma tête. Notre ami Steve Jobs semble s’être chargé de nous faire oublier le Mac de l’époque et il est en train de convertir tous les geeks de la planête. Attention bientôt ce sera lui qui aura le monopole. Et vous? Quand passerez-vous à OSX?

    Power Outage at ServerBeach, Wordpress switching to S3 and Design Inspiration

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