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iPhone Jailbreak 2.2.2 Upgrade Problem

Tried upgrading my jailbroken iPhone to 2.2.2 and lost some time figuring out why everything was working but I had no signal. I finally found this site : Tip: I jailbroke my iPhone 3G and now I have no signal that made my day better ! Signal is back, iPhone is upgraded and I should now be able to install Truphone and see if it is better than Fring for Skype calls.

iWeb Tech News Highlights

We just started publishing Tech News Highlights at the iWeb blog. If you are looking for the latest tech news links, make sure to read the iWeb Blog. I’ll make sure to contribute to the news links.

Le blog iWeb est aussi disponible en français.

RAID is NOT a backup solution.

Some are learning that RAID is NOT a backup solution the hard way : Data Loss Dooms Blog Hosting Service « Data Center Knowledge. Explained really simply, RAID mirrors one disk to another (or multiple disks to multiple disks) but a mirror is a mirror ! So if you mess on a disk, the mess will be replicated to the other disks. Remember that you should always think about archives and external backups if your content is valuable! Even if you are using RAID !

Joyeux Noël, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad !

En retard … A bit late …

Joyeux Noël à tous.
Mery Christmas to all of you.
Feliz Navidad a todos.

See who is laying off ….

Ouf, impressive when you see it in a table like this : TechCrunch Layoff Tracker .

Guy Kawasaki : The Art of Laying People Off

I hope I will not need to use those tips, but it is a really nice read from Guy Kawasaki : OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN | The Art of Laying People Off.

Update :

Looks like I might have scared some people with this post. I had no intention to do so.

Let me tell you a bit more…..

I like the post not because we are going to lay people off, but because it talks about taking responsibility for your actions as a business director and some other concepts that are very important for me. Unfortunately I do not have time to explain how I apply all those tips, but let’s look at one :

Don’t let people self-select (#10 on the list)

I think this tip does not only apply to lay offs. It also applies to what position you want an employee to fill, where you think he fits. Do not let the employee go where he thinks he fits, bring him where you feel he will be the best. Sure this has to be done while respecting the interests and the objectives of the employee, but as the tip #10 says, don’t let people self-select, put them where you need them.

Cummins Raising Prices on Diesel Generators

According to Datacenter Knowledge, Cummins Hikes Prices on Diesel Generators.

Effects of the Stock Markets Panic and Financial Crisis

Everyone’s concerned about the current financial crisis, as en entrepreneur you might be very interested in Sequoia Capital’s 56 Slide Presentation Of Doom .

Lightweight version of MySQL for Cloud and Web

I just leaned of a fork of MySQL named Drizzle that is intended to be A Lightweight SQL Database for Cloud and Web. Let’s see what it becomes.

iPhone Applications for Sysadmins

Pingdom has a nice list of sysadmin related iPhone apps : Royal Pingdom » 12 great iPhone applications for sysadmins and webmasters

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