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Business model …. Google policy change effects.

Is your business model dependant of a third party?

A record $160-million VC investment. A rich Web strategy. A quirky founder. For a few weeks last spring, Guelph, Ont.’s Geosign had it all. Then mighty Google stirred. And it was over.

You must read this story about arbitrage and effects of Google policy changes from the Financial Times : Cover story: Blown away. What once was an easy way to make money (you still needed to invest a lot of time to make it work) is now gone. Will other businesses that were relying on arbitrage be able to change their business model and survive?

Always Switching Tasks ?

I just finished reading this very interesting article on Joel on Software : Human Task Switches Considered Harmful. Now, can someone tell me how we can be effective with MSN, ICQ, AIM running on a computer with 100 contacts in the contact list, 200 legitimate emails coming in per day, a blog to maintain, 10 persons coming to your desk each and every day to ask new questions and hundreds of tasks pending?

Now, people need to understand that when they ask something and say “You can get this done, it will only take 5 minutes” it means five minutes of disruption. Only five little minutes …. it means a lot more.

AOL Wants to Be Free

Ok, it’s old news, but some of you may not know yet and I think it’s interesting. AOL wants to bring its services available to the masses for free. Read more here :  Motley Fool Business News: AOL Wants to Be Free - MSN Money

Software Usability : Optimal Web Design

It’s dated March 2003 but I found a LOT of interesting concepts clearly presented in the Criteria For Optimal Web Design report from the Software Usability Reseach Laboratory. I think most of the concepts the document talks about still apply today.

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