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Archive for Web 2.0

Intéressant interview de Jérémie Berrebi (Zlio)

À lire sur PresseCitron, un interview de Jérémie Berrebi qui nous explique comment il blog. Je vais devoir suivre ses conseils parce qu’il m’arrive parfois de négliger mon blog et de ne pas poster assez fréquemment. Bon, j’étais en vacances les deux dernières semaines alors j’imagine que vous me pardonnez !

Software Usability : Optimal Web Design

It’s dated March 2003 but I found a LOT of interesting concepts clearly presented in the Criteria For Optimal Web Design report from the Software Usability Reseach Laboratory. I think most of the concepts the document talks about still apply today.

XHTMLized : Your Designs On The Web

XHTMLized can take your photoshop design and build the CSS and HTML code to bring it to the web. Service looks profesionnal and it also has been reviewed on Techcrunch. I might try this service soon, I’ll post about it if I do. Visit the web site here : XHTMLized

New Web 2.0 Sites for Wine Lovers

I like wine, a lot of my readers too I am sure. I saw a few reviews of web sites for wine lovers lately, looks like the subject is becoming popular on the web. Here are three interesting resources : Corkd, Winelog, Wine Diary, Tasty Drop and RedTeeth.

TagCloud Sponsorship

TagCloud is an interesting project that allows users to build Clouds from RSS feeds. Back in January, I accepted to offer a little iWeb Server Sponsorship to the TagCloud team. They are just moving to their new iWeb servers now and they closed the service while they upgrade. I hope they will reopen soon, I will keep you posted! Meanwhile, they are showing a Top 100 list of the most popular RSS feeds used by their users, take a look.

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