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Time to be out on vacations

Seth says…

In the US, the next two weeks are traditionally the slowest of the year. Plenty of vacations, half-day Fridays, casual Mondays, martini Tuesdays… you get the idea.

That’s my view too. I always wondered what was the slowest months of the year when it comes to evaluating or budgeting sales …. I now think it’s definitely August. We are always afraid to see slow downs on June or July, but August has proved to be the slowest in the last years. It’s not all negative, support calls and tickets are also down. It’s time to optimize the work processes and prepare for the coming weeks !

Fire at Apple …..

Bad : Is Fire-Damaged Apple Building A Data Center?

Just Ping - Ping from Multiple Remote Locations all at Once

I came around this nice site that allows anyone to ping a web site or IP address from 27 different locations : Just Ping. Very nice tool when you want to troubleshoot random network problems.

Cloud Computing Players

Interesting article with most of the Cloud Computing palyers : Cloud Vendors A to Z Revised | IT Management and Cloud Blog

What happened at VMware?

Here are some speculations about VMware’s CEO departure : VMware Bombshell: The Day After - Data Center Knowledge

ICANN & IANA Hacker Takeover

Turkish hackers recently redirected requests to ICANN’s and IANA’s web sites to a warning page of their own. Scary when you think that those organizations control Internet domains. More at Hackers Hijack Sites of Internet Organizations.

Summer + Datacenter = Potential Problems

I was reading this article from Datacenter knowledge : Is Your Data Center Ready for the Summer? - Data Center Knowledge and it made me think we had our first taste of the summer some days ago here in Montreal. Heat inside a datacenter is critical and as you can imagine it is harder to cool a datacenter in summer when it’s 30 degrees (celcius) outside. At iWeb our datacenters are growing and filling up so fast that thinking about how our datacenters reacted to summer temperatures last year has nothing to do with how they will react this year. Well, so far so good, some air conditioning units reported errors and we already planned some adjustments but no real problem, our infrastructure team did a good job!

Web Hosting going Crazy

While there is no human talent available, iWeb needs to hire sysadmins, customer service representatives, web developpers, a customer experience director, a new communications officer and more. At the same time our biggest competitor, The Planet, lives through an explosion at its H1 datacenter and Layeredtech, another big competitor causes a commotion (and a 600+ posts forum thread) after its decision to raise its server pricing of about 20-30$ per server for every customers. It is interesting to see that it’s easier for customers to accept 2 days of downtime, then a price increase. Thank you Layeredtech, we never expected you would gift us customers like that. Good luck The Planet (and congrats for the communications you kept with your customers). There are a lot of things going on in the web hosting space and we would like to be able to catch all the opportunities. The real challenge is not to get the customers, it’s to get the human talent to serve them well.

RAID Explained with Bottles of Water

Great post from Olivier on iWeb’s blog. If you do not understand what a RAID array is, bottles of water might help.

Thank you .. I never would have expected that !

As see on a Web Hosting forum….

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Prolimehost - One Stop Source For All You Hosting Need

Martin Leclair - Still There Are Good Man Present On Earth

Wow. Thank you! Ahahahah. The guy puts a link to my blog in his forum signature saying there are good man present on earth. I think I will need to pay this customer. Thanks again Desilime.

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